I wasn’t sure I was ready for a new puppy in my life until I visited KaLee at Elkington Family Farms and was introduced to her newest litter of absolutely adorable Aussiepoos!  From that moment on  it was no longer a decision of “should  I ?” but now... “which one”?  Each of the eight puppies  , had their own unique personality, style and  coloring, and were all irresistible!!!  


KaLee was so patient with me and  was extremely knowledgeable, answering every question I had about this unique  breed!  Her level of care and concern was so impressive and I knew , no matter which one I decided to take home, all of these healthy,  happy puppies had a wonderful start in life.  


My sweet Brandy is almost two years old now and is one of the happiest,  sweetest and smartest dogs I have ever met.  She is truly a blessing in my life and I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful, reputable breeder at Elkington Family Farms.  

  • Bonny Etchemendy Victor, Idaho
  • Dog’s name Brandy

We are so Happy with Gus and Roscoe, they have been such a big part of our family for the last 2 years. Right from the start we knew they were special dogs because they were very easily house trained. They’re extremely gentle, the grandkids can do whatever they want to them and the boys just love them more! They’re very friendly and sociable with everyone they meet. They’re so well behaved! Most importantly they are very healthy, we couldn’t be happier, we love our boys!

-Brad Brewster Idaho Falls, Idaho

-Dog’s names Gus and Roscoe Littermates


We absolutely love the adorable fur ball family member we adopted from the Elkington Family Farm. Baxter the Aussiedoodle has a great temperament, is wonderful with all kids and is for sure the best thing to come out of 2020. The aussie doodle is often called the Einstein breed and I’m a total believer. He’s been easy to train (potty and tricks!). We are forever grateful to the Elkington’s!!

-Kristin Heiner Seattle, WA

-Dog’s name Baxter

Hi fellow dog lovers. We have a 6 1/2 month old Aussie Doodle from Kalee’s crew. He is a wonderful boy we named Rocky. He is super healthy & loving ( which are 2 of our most important traits). & I already can’t imagine life without him. We are putting in the training all dogs need which he is always ready to do. He is wonderful with our grandchildren (6,8,&9) he plays well with other dogs too & loves doing most anything we do. He was shy but a great trainer showed us the right way to socialize & it works. He is the best puppy & everyone we meet thinks he is the cutest ever. I’m looking forward to continuing his training adding agility work which I think he will love. Thank you Kalee & your family for knowing what animals need to get the best start then we need to do ours. 😀🐶🐕

-The Fischer’s from  Victor, Idaho 

- Dogs Name Rocky