Meet Quigley
Small Standard (moyen) Poodle
AKC Registered- JKS Quiggley's Ace 

Quigley is a “happy go lucky” kinda guy! He has a never ending wag to his tail and pep to his step. He is always happy and excited to see a new face! He will play for hours and just goes with the flow. He is ready to chill when you are!

Available for stud services.

Require a UTD Neg. Brucellosis Test

Genetic Health Screen Recommended

Progesterone tests are recommended and appreciated.

Breed is guaranteed per contract agreement.

Stud Fee: $1000

36lbs 20” tall at the shoulder Red/Apricot Parti Color

Panel: ee, BB, kyky, ata, DD, SpSp, mm

Coat Traits: FF, TT, CT, Curl TT

Penn Hip: .39



OFA Cardiac : NORMAL

Embark Vet DNA Health: CLEAR view